Coaching with Natasha

Natasha’s personal journey is a remarkable one and it gives her the life experience most coaches lack. You have to read it to believe it. From the outside most people believe she has always had it together, and that life would be easy for her judging on appearances. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Natasha’s journey could easily have ended in tragedy many times from the challenges that have been thrown her way. And many times she wished it would……

Thankfully, Natasha found a way to light a spark inside of her when there was nothing but darkness and despair around her. And she nurtured that spark into a bright shining light to become a messenger of hope and inspiration, that anything is possible even when all seems lost. Natasha touches on this journey in her book Courage to Shine, which has helped many women break free from fear and find the courage and the tools to shine brightly in their lives, empowered and unafraid.

Natasha has trained with some of the leading personal development mentors alive today. She has supported thousands of women heal and transform their lives, as a volunteer at women’s workshops and as a coach. But what makes her unique and a master in her field, is how she uses the camera to identify and transform deep rooted sabotage programming that lies hidden within. The camera doesn’t lie and no one knows the camera better than Natasha with her 17 years of international TV presenting experience. Natasha is the only person in the world who has harnessed the video camera as powerful personal transformation tool.

Natasha only coaches a select few women a year due to her busy schedule of writing, speaking, training and being a mum. If you are interested in coaching with her, you can apply for acceptance into her coaching program by emailing our team at

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