Natasha as a Speaker

Natasha Zuvela is an accomplished professional speaker having spoken live to over 3 million people over the last 10 years. From inspiring audiences at the world famous Australia Zoo to her key note presentations to women encouraging them to step up and play a bigger game.

Natasha brings a commitment and authenticity to the stage that you can feel, with her messages that inspire people to unlock their true potential. Very few women own the stage like she does.

Natasha has a presence that radiates both power and warmth, which disarms and engages her audiences from the get go.

Feedback from her audiences are:


“Thank you for giving me the courage to shine my light brightly and unafraid!”

“Your raw vulnerability gave me permission to heal and go for my dreams…”

“Thank you for giving me the confidence & skills to share my message with the world!”

“Natasha walks her talk – Beauty, Power and Vulnerability! What a breath of fresh air….”

If you are interested in getting Natasha to speak at your next event, then please request an interview with her team by emailing mail@natashazuvela.com.

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