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Natasha Zuvela

Natasha Zuvela is an accomplished International TV Presenter having represented billion dollar brands such as Virgin Money, MTV and XXXX Gold. She is also a Professional Speaker, Author, Life Coach and Mother of two. Born in Perth, Western Australia, Natasha grew up with three passions in her life – sport, entertainment and empowerment. Natasha’s love for fitness led to many challenges and much success, including her twice-becoming Australian Teams Aerobics Champion and Fitness Figure Champion. She is also an experienced personal trainer and fitness consultant.

Natasha has over 17 years of international television experience, featured on popular shows such as Totally Wild, Good Morning Australia, Bright Ideas, Mornings on Channel 7 and Mornings with Kerri-Anne. She is best known for her work with MTV Australia as the presenter of shows, and had the #1 rating show for 3 years running, which was viewed by over 60 million people in Australia and Russia. She is currently the face of Curves Women’s’ Fitness in Australia and New Zealand and Natasha is still regularly featured on TV infomercials for Channel 7, 9 and 10.

When the world famous Steve Irwin passed away, Australia Zoo hired Natasha Zuvela to takeover Steve’s hosting of the live Crocoseum shows. Natasha had to entertain 5,000 people while being locked inside a crocodile enclosure with 500 kilogram salt water crocodiles and with 20 snakes crawling at her feet. Natasha was regularly featured in Australia Zoo online and TV segments helping to continue the great legacy of Steve Irwin.

Watching Natasha present with such power and presence makes it hard to believe that she was once shy and afraid of speaking in front of an audience.

Indeed, Natasha is a walking proof that you can conquer any fear that is holding you back. Once afraid of public speaking and having a phobia of snakes, Natasha is now a Professional Speaker and Qualified Venomous Snake Catcher. She has also overcome depression, suicide & abusive relationships. Natasha’s book “Courage To Shine” gives a first hand account to the amazing journey she has travelled in overcoming these fears and even bigger life challenges, and how she turned them into successes. Her book has touched and inspired many by showing readers they are not alone in their struggles and that they can overcome any obstacle when they have the tools and knowledge to do so. Natasha’s Life Coaching qualifications and honest sharing of her real life experiences make this book such a credible and inspirational read. “Courage To Shine” is a practical guide to conquering fear and living a more extraordinary life.

Natasha now combines her extensive experience in representing billion dollar brands on television, with her love for empowerment and making difference. Her Shine On Camera online programs are now helping so many people get their message to a global audience by learning how to present powerfully on camera and create compelling videos that engage viewers and attract more clients.

Natasha also inspires people through her online programs and live events which teach people how to have the Courage to Shine in all areas of their life. Natasha is now married to her ideal husband Tom and has two young beautiful children.

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