“Every Treasure in this world is guarded by a doorway of fear…”

My program is dedicated to every woman and man who want to live an extraordinary life…

…and who are prepared to become the most confident, powerful and beautiful version of themselves. By courageously shining your light, you become an inspiration to others, and in doing so heal and change the world for the better. You are needed to Shine brightly. It is why you came here. Embrace your calling……..

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Our Passion. Empowered People. Shining Brightly!

Hear from some of my clients who found the Courage to Shine

Kim Morrison

Founder, Twenty8

I am Kim Morrison, founder of 28. What happened during the program was a transformation that even I wasn’t aware of occurring. I found my voice in a way that I’ve never experienced before. I found a way to tap into that inner warrior, that inner strength, and the belief that what I have is actually really, really good! As a result of doing this program I can honestly say that I know that I have upped the ante, not only my own self belief, not only my own delivery, but my absolute commitment to the Legacy I want to live for my beautiful family.

Karen Schebella

Founder, Keys to Cash

A big thank you to you Natasha and Tom for the amazing training on the weekend. Everyone of us succeeds because there is somebody there to show us the way. That somebody is you, through your patience, understanding, coaching and absolute love of your craft, I have now come to believe that I am the best messenger to get my message to the world. You have taught me the skills and shown me the way with your extensive practical experience and a life changing transformation has taken place for me and I thank you!

Client Before & Afters

Many Amazing People Transforming Before Your Eyes

You have to see these transformations for yourself to believe them. Ordinary people finding the courage to shine brightly and proudly share their message with the world.

Rachael Bermingham

Best-Selling Author of 4 Ingredients Book Series

No matter what your starting point is, no matter how bad life has been for you, or what you do or don’t have, Natasha is living proof that you CAN conquer your fears and achieve your dreams. Natasha will empower you; and will help you uncover your inner courage to power forward and achieve ANYTHING you set out to do.

Natalie Wolfe

Gilchrist Managment Actors

Natasha has empowered me to end an abusive relationship and believe in myself as a person who is not a slave to others’ pressures and demands. I now live in an amazing apartment on the beach where I feel blessed every day just to be here. I’m off to India to support orphan children, please know that this is a trip I could never have taken without reading Chapter 5 ‘Tools for Conquering Fear & Owning Your Power’. God bless you for being a part of my life and helping me to realise that I do have the power to change any and every aspect of my life.

Mandy MacKenzie

Executive Assistant, Oil & Energy

I wish Natasha’s book had’ve been around when I was going through high school, and the years that followed. I feel that I wouldn’t have been afraid of being the ‘me’ that I wanted to be; and with the right knowledge at that time, I might have taken more opportunities instead of now living with the regretful feeling that I sometimes have when I think back on the many experiences that I feel I’ve missed out on – all due to (unfounded) fears.

Find the courage to walk through the doorways of fear and claim your treasure

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Find the courage to walk through the doorways of fear and claim your treasure
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